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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving from StarDragonfly Herbals!

Need I say more?
 Good morning!  Wow, can you believe how the time has flown!  This is Thanksgiving Day week!  When I started the blog (August) the temperature was a daily 105!  But, let me tell you, I am thankful for this cool weather!  The garden has been thriving!  Believe it or not, I have Lavender blooming!

A great store
full of

Now that Farmer's Market is over for the year, I have been very excited to be able to put my herbal products in one of Winnsboro's finest little Main Street stores!  If you haven't visited the Winnsboro Emporium it is  located across the street form The First National Bank of Winnsboro. You haven't been to the Emporium?  Well then, it is high time you wondered on down Main Street and stopped in to visit Conrad.  The Winnsboro Emporium has quite a collection of first edition books, videos, art work, candles and candle holders, jewelry and  now StarDragonfly Herbal products.

The Winnsboro Emporium

I am very thankful to Conrad for letting me set up a little area in his store to display StarDragonfly Herbal products.  I realize there is not much inventory yet!  But, I make everything in small batches with herbs fresh from the garden.  Dried herbs come from our gardens or are responsible wild-crafted from the woods and plains of Northeast Texas or are ordered from companies that promote organic and fair-trade practices.

StarDragonfly Herbals
Mini Store
The Winnsboro Emporium
As of this week, these are the products available:

Sister Susan's ....
     Cowgirl Face Wash & Scrub
     Chamomile Flower Astringent
     Lavender Homemade Face Cream

StarDragonfly Herbals....
     All Purpose Herbal Salve
     Garden Calcium Herbal Tea
     Herbal Fairy Dust
     Packets of Dried Herbs

Between now and Christmas, I will be working on some herbal gift baskets and Eye Pillows!  These should make great Christmas presents!  Also, I would be happy to make custom gift baskets.  Are you looking for something different, unusual or homemade to give for Christmas this year?  Let me know by sending me an email:  stdragonfly@yahoo.com or calling me 903-866-3606.  Or if you are in the Winnsboro Emporium there is a notebook on my mini store table for customers to leave me notes and ask for products.

On Being Thankful!
I wanted to end the blog today with thoughts about being thankful!  I really have had a great year.  My job at Art & Espresso was fulfilling and creative until it ended in August, then I was so amazed and appreciative of all the support from customers and vendors at the Winnsboro Farmers Market. 
I am so thankful for my home!  Chi and I share a great place to live with Cousin Sandra and all the other critters that are loved and cared for at StarDragonfly Herbals.  I am thankful for the herb and vegetable gardens that struggled to survive through the drought and are still producing. 
I am blessed and thankful to have so many friends and family that are not only loving but supportive. 
I am thankful to have Cousin Sandra.  I cannot say enough about her....but she is not only family but my best friend.  That is a rare quality these days.  
I am thankful to have a kind and gentle man like L in my life.  Not to mention, HANDSOME!   
I am so blessed to have my dog, Chi.  She is always available when I holler, "I need my Herb Dog!" as I head out to the garden!  And bless her great big doggie heart for putting up with me dressing her up for Blog Photo sessions. 
There are so many things I am blessed and thankful for in my life.  And I want to extend a heart felt THANK YOU, YA'LL to my faithful readers!  Your support and following have just been amazing!

I will close this week with the feeling of being totally appreciative for my life.  My sincere desire for you and all who stop by for a visit here at the StarDragonfly Herbals blog spot is that you have more things than you can list to feel blessed about, not only this week but all your days!

For Thanksgiving (and those days after!) eat lots of turkey or tofurkey and have a piece of pumpkin or pecan pie for me! 
Thankfully, Susan


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