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Monday, September 24, 2012

It is almost Thyme for the "Herb" Mysteries Book Club!

Thyme of Death
by Susan W. Albert
This is the first book the
"Herb" Mysteries Book Club
will read!
photo by www.gflibrary.com
Good morning, All!

The "Herb" Mysteries Book Club
Introductory Meeting
Thursday, September 27, 7:00 - 8:30 pm

Join us for a fun evening of herbies and cozy mystery fans, getting together to read the Susan W. Albert, China Bayles Mystery series.  These herbal mysteries are easy and fun reading. China Bayles is a fictional herbalist who owns and operates, Thyme and Seasons, an herb shop in Texas.  Each book contains lots of herbal information and some recipes.  This first meeting will be FREE and please, bring your favorite herbal snack to share with the group.

Sip herbal tea while enjoying this introduction to The "Herb" Mysteries Book Club.  We will be learning about the series, and planning future club meetings.

This Group will meet on the last Thursday of each month at 7:00 - 8:30 pm.

Meeting place:  StarDragonfly Herb Company
"The Little Herb Shop on Elm Street!"
Winnsboro, Texas

Susan W. Albert
photo from www.blogbooktours.com
For more information, please contact:
Susan Thames

If you would like to learn more about Susan W. Albert and her other mystery series, check out her website www.abouthyme.com and subscribe to her e-letters.

The Winnsboro Farmer's Market will be on Market Street all Saturdays in October!

StarDragonfly Herb Company will be open at 8:00 am on Saturday mornings in October!  So, when you are shopping the Farmers Market, just come on across Elm Street and have a cup of herbal tea and say "Hello!"  Will be looking forward to seeing everyone from the market!  

There will be a Farmers Market Bingo game going on during the month of October!  SDHC will have a space on the card!  Make "The Little Herb Shop on Elm Street!" one of your stops!  And there will be a sale on all bulk herbal teas for Bingo participants! 
Winnsboro Farmers Market
Summer 2012

Did you know......that Thyme has been associated with courage since ancient times.  The Greeks, the Romans, the Scottish highlanders, and the knights of the Middle Ages all thought thyme brought one strength and courage! www.health diaries.com  Hmmm, I am sure these fellows needed all the strength and courage they could get, but what I do know is that Thyme tea with mullein and yarrow helped Cousin Sandra when she was coughing because of bronchitis!  Herbally, Susan

jpg. from www.perioddrama.com

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