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Monday, May 7, 2012

Heart Strings

Good morning, All.  I am sitting here trying to decide how to write the blog this morning.  I try to keep the blog upbeat.  There is already so much sadness and violence in the world, you don't need another dose of that while reading this blog.  But, the reality is that a friend of mine and the city of Winnsboro passed away Friday night.  So I am sad.....that is reality.  I don't have words to tell those who also loved her that all will be well without sounding insincere.  No one can measure or judge another's grief.  Grief is tricky.  I know there are stages of grief.....but they never hit us in any particular order.  There is the anger, the  sadness, the guilt.  Some feel betrayed, some are just stunned and so live in denial.  For some of us life goes on.....we get to care for a beloved pet of the person who passed on......whether permanently or temporarily, Cousin Sandra and I feel that because Laika has come to live with us, we are sharing a very special part of Marlena.  Marlena had rescued Laika, I am not sure the whole story, but they were bonded by heart strings.  One thing I have learned from living on the farm.  Life goes on...sadly sometimes...and joyfully most of the time.  Right now me and mine at StarDragonfly Herbals are sad.

If you knew Marlena, I share your sadness, if you didn't know her, well, you might just be experiencing your own version of loss and sadness.  Come take a walk with me....we will take the dogs.  Then we will sit in the shade of the Oak tree and drink a cup a tea.  Hopefully, well, I know in time...All will be well, once again.

Herbally, Susan

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