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Monday, March 26, 2012

Pure Loveliness and a Wild Class!

Good morning, All!  Can you believe how green the world around us has become in the last couple days.  Yes, 5-8 inches of rain sure helps, let's hope this rain continues throughout the summer!

Cousin Sandra is off to Austin to visit her sister and is missing Iris Season at the ranch.  So, some Iris photos and maybe a little Iris trivia!

But, before we continue on with Irises, I am very excited to announce a new class coming up in April.........
Oops!  Not an Iris but will
be one of the plants we will
visit in the April class!

The Wild Side of Herbs

Wednesday, April 18, 2012
Saturday, April 21, 2012

2-4 pm...................$25.00 per person

Herbs are all around us, whether you live in the country or the city.  They are called weeds!  They are nutritious, full of good medicine, and very easy to find!

Come spend a fun spring afternoon at StarDragonfly Herbals, exploring for wild weeds.


We will  identify some common garden weeds.
Learn their nutritional and medicinal value.
Learn how to incorporate them into our daily life.
Go on a nature walk...not too strenuous, but do wear sensible shoes!
Have herbal tea and a snack or two.

Please call or email for information or reservations.
903-866-3606  or stdragonfly@yahoo.com

You might like to bring a camera, bug spray, notebook/pen and a walking stick!  We have Elderberry jelly and syrup, granola, fresh eggs, chicks, candied ginger, herbal teas and medicinals for sale.

This class should be fun!

Okay, now on to the beautiful Iris......................

The name Iris means rainbow in Greek.  It is quite an apt name, as irises come in all sorts of colors, such as blue, purple, white, yellow, lilac and even brown.

The Iris belongs to the Iridaceae family.  Another member of this family is the gorgeously scented freesia.

The Iris is the state flower of Tennessee.   It is also the national emblem of France.

Irises are relatively easy to grow, even for the most inexperienced of gardeners.

All information in purple comes from http://www.hotfact.com/iris-flower.html

This iris is actually a very pale green
with yellow accents!

                                            Wow!  Such loveliness!

This is another view of the
pale green Iris.

Not related to an Iris
but beautiful in her own way!

Once again, it is time to get on with the day!  Where ever you may be, I hope your Irises or something beautiful is blooming around you!  And that your world is as green as it is here in Northeast Texas!  From all of us at StarDragonfly Herbals....have a lovely day!  Herbally yours, Susan

The Bluebonnets are to Texas what the shamrock is to Ireland!
Madame Flamingo and the Bluebonnet Duet


  1. Lovely job, Susan, of capturing the beauty of these flowers at this lovely time of year!,

    1. Thank you so much! I am so happy that you enjoyed "our" Irises! Check back again next week, I am sure there will be more blooming! Again, thank you for the compliment! Susan